After nearly 30 years of economic growth in Australia, the distribution of wealth across the country has certainly not been equitable. The Big Party system has left rural and regional Australia behind.

Regional and rural people, like us in the Mallee, have not achieved access to many of the services urban Australians take for granted. This continues to create situations such as the life expectancy in regional areas being one to two years lower than that of our metropolitan counterparts. Sadly, this difference increases to up to seven years in our more remote areas.

This needs to change, and for this change to happen we need a strong and independent voice in Canberra who can argue our case.

The Mallee is a unique electorate. It is huge and has a relatively sparse and diverse population. However, what brings all the people and towns of the Mallee together is our ability to develop creative solutions for our communities. We are adaptable and resilient. We take pride in our self-reliance and ability to innovate. However, these skills have not just evolved from living in an at times harsh and unforgiving environment or from being distant from major population centres – we have also become problem solvers because we could not rely on the big parties to take an interest in our needs.

Equity is different to equality. Equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful. Equality is treating everyone the same. The big parties have been neither equal or equitable for the Mallee. Their decisions have been made and directed by an invisible urban hand that has had no need to work for our approval. The Mallee has been Australia’s safest seat - and so what motivation is that for encouraging a focus on the needs of our region? The answer is none!

Our Mallee voice may be small if you measure it in a per capita sense, and our needs may be dismissed in the push from Australia’s urban and coastal rim, but it is time to force the gaze of government our way. If equal government investment is unattainable then we need to fight for equitable investment to address the needs of our region.

An Independent voice is the only way to change the status quo and unlock ourselves from this unproductive relationship with big parties.



Australian Politics is undergoing a time of dramatic change. My goal as an independent is to embrace this change and use it to redirect focus back to the best interests of communities. We have much work to do to address the disconnect that has been generated through years of political complacency about the Mallee electorate, and we know this work cannot involve the old ways of big party business.

To me, advocacy is about knowing the needs of my electorate and having the ability to argue for equitable resources to meet them. Effective advocacy also involves understanding what bargaining power we possess, and how best to use it. As an independent who is free to vote in the way that I best believe represents my electorate, I would have that bargaining power. I will work with any groups, organisations or parties that will help further the needs of Mallee, but my loyalty is to the people of this region first and foremost.



I am running as an Independent for Mallee because I believe:

  • That the voice of the Mallee electorate has been muffled and stifled through complacency and a lack of political interest due to its safe seat status;
  • That contemporary political debate has been co-opted by an us-against-them mentality which constrains choice and creative methods of engagement and doing business – and stops governments from showing leadership on big picture issues.
  • That for too long we have been treated like the poor second cousins from the country, and it’s time that we got more than the scraps from the table;
  • That the Mallee way of life – our resilience, self-reliance, innovation, and the lessons we have learnt from our failures – can help lead the way in dealing with some of the big issues emerging in our time;

It’s time Mallee, regional and rural Australia, and all levels of politics had honest, respectful and authentic representation.

It’s time to say ‘no thank you’ to the Big Party System and forge a suitable and sustainable way forward by presenting an alternative that more truly reflects the voice of the Mallee.

And I am ready to take the Mallee to Canberra.


Modica 4 Mallee, Mallee 4 All.



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